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In April of this year, we had the privilege of hearing Karol Truman speak.  She said, “We create our own reality.  You cannot blame anyone else.”

This is a freeing concept because it gives us the understanding that we can create a beautiful reality for ourselves.  Our lives are whatever we create them to be.

Karol asked us to ponder the question, “What would it take to bring my life into alignment with my desires and goals?”

That is a great question!  Think about that, work on what is blocking your progress, and then go and achieve your dreams.

If you need some assistance in transforming your life, one great resource is Karol Truman’s book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.  Karol explains how are feelings affect our lives.  She has a script in her book to help process your feelings.  Her book also gives insight into probable feelings that cause illness.  Karol states, If the feeling or thought is negative matter (energy) it can be changed to positive matter (energy).”

We highly recommend Karol Truman’s books Feelings Buried Alive Never Die and Healing Feelings From Your Heart.


 In Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, Karol Truman states, “Just remember, things OUT THERE do not cause your problems.  All the reasons for the problems in your life can be found WITHIN yourself.”

We also have the solutions our problems within ourselves!  We invite you to raise your vibration and attract all that is good and beautiful into your life.

We wish you all the best on the road to creating a beautiful life for yourself and your family.


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