What’s That Delicious Smell?

Just thought I’d share and uplifting moment with you today.

This morning, I was NOT going to diffuse essential oils as I usually do, but used a little Citrus Bliss on my wrists and immediately felt so much better, that I put some in my diffuser and went on about my day.

A few minutes later, my 7-year-old granddaughter came into my room and in the most enthusiastic way said, “What’s that DELICIOUS smell that smells like lemon cake?”

Me: It’s Citrus Bliss.

Granddaughter: Ahhh!  (spoken as if she should have known).
That’s one of my favorite oils! (And off she hurried off to tell her mother.)

Nothing like happy grandchildren to bring a smile to your face.  I’m so glad she’s learning young about the value and unique qualities of doTERRA’s amazing essential oils.

To your happiness,

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