New ReNEW YOU INspirations Topic: FRIENDSHIP

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Week 1


Today is

I’m glad you’ve chosen to take daily steps toward
becoming a happier, healthier, more positive YOU!

Through your choices today, you are shaping generations.

We are here on earth to remember and live true
to who we really are as TODAY’s ChangeMakers by clearing ourselves of
unproductive or destructive thought patterns, habit patterns and family patterns.
This benefits both ourselves and others

Your INfluence matters!
You may be just the person who will create positive change that your family line has waited for.

This week, we are working toward strengthening
the principle and power of


A Principle, Jrfc. USE THIS..
Your choices today affect both those around you and generations to come!
Centering on what you CAN do to create happiness and inner peace,
you begin to eliminate doubt and fear.

In an effort to create positive change in a world full of turmoil,
we’re joining together to focus on one principle a month
using the JOURNALriffic Method of journaling, called the 4 Steps of Discovery,
as part of creating personal growth and positive INfluence.
We are using our personal power to embrace these attributes
to help stabilize and heal our hearts and homes.

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Here are some basics for you
to begin pondering the principle of

1. the state of being a friend; association as friends:
to value a person’s friendship.

  1. afriendlyrelationorintimacy.

3.  friendlyfeelingordisposition.

Words with the same or similar meanings (synonyms):

harmony, accord, understanding, rapport, esteem

Words with opposite meanings (anyonyms):

hatred, animosity, disassociation, disrespect, hostility, division

Here is an INspiring quotes about FRIENDSHIP:

begins when

If you know of another principle that would be more helpful to you right now,
feel free to choose that as your principle this month instead.
A list of helpful principles can be found in the back of JOURNALriffic.
A modified version of the 4 Steps of Discovery can be found
on the Daily JOURNALriffic Prompts tab on this website.
You can find steps for each weekday there.

Ponder these thoughts as you INtegrate them into your daily living
We are here to help and not hurt ourselves and others,
which is the goal of Family Tree Quest and
TODAY’s ChangeMakers.
Write your observations and ideas in your journal.

YOU ignite and unite the power of generations!
Think about it. YOU the catalyst for change that your family line has been waiting for.

Ready. Set. GROW!

Happy Journaling.

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