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Healing Heartache in Family Lines– Today Is A New Day!

Have you noticed that there is always a chance for a new beginning?  Our choices can lead us in any direction we choose.  Sometimes the consequences of our choices are not clear at the time decisions are made.  Many times we learn, through sad experience, that we may not be creating the life we truly desire.  We may also feel damaged by the lingering, negative impact of the choices of others.

Family Tree Quest refers to our quest for belonging, for meaning, for making the changes in our own lives that promote our own best good. No one decides that for us. It is up to us to discover it for ourselves.  With that in mind, we acknowledge that we intend to create positive change in THIS generation.

To do so, we follow the 3 Guiding principles of TODAY’s ChangeMakers:
We glean wisdom from the past (rather than stay stuck in victim stories),
Learn to
be happy and live a purpose-filled life as TODAY’s ChangeMaker, and
Prepare courageously and confidently for the future—come what may.

Also, with that in mind, we acknowledge that our choices in the present effect future generations of our own family tree—that group of ancestors and descendents to whom we are related. It’s a good time to ponder and take action on what we are deciding to do to stabilize and add joy to the meaningful relationships we have in our lives, and set goals around those important priorities.

If you identify with this message of positive change, I invite you to join us—we are TODAY’s ChangeMakers.  JOIN the Quest by leaving your name and email at Family Tree Quest.com, and let’s stay connected.

Let’s stop dysfunction in its tracks!  I’m confident that you can do whatever it takes to succeed because, after all, this IS a NEW DAY !

To your happiness,

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About Family Tree Gal, Carolyn Calton Carolyn Calton

Serving people who have hidden heartaches and unresolved personal struggles, Carolyn Calton is the founder of FamilyTreeQuest.com, HealingYourFamily.com and is also the CEO of the Liahona Light Academy. As a personal renewal and generational change educator and coach, Carolyn teaches individuals and families how to turn from heartache to happiness in themselves, their families and family lines by understanding how to live true to who they really are as TODAY’s ChangeMakers. Those who join her ReNEW YOU Classes and Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles learn how to turn stress, anxious-thinking, anger and dysfunction to hope, direction, happiness and peace. She is a teacher and facilitator of principles that can set the hearts of men and women free from the pain and chains of guilt, toxic shame and the effects of oppression. Her students are then empowered to walk forward with courage and confidence as they fill their highest priorities with stability and full purpose of heart.