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We celebrate adoption!

2016, May 29- Grandma Carolyn and Otto

There are 4 generations of adoption in my family.  My mother is an adoptive mother, I am an adopted child, my youngest daughter is a birth mother (“Tummy mommy”), and her son, Otto, was placed for adoption with parents who are perfectly suited for him.

Today is Otto’s birthday, and we’re having a virtual birthday party!  Our family is spread out into many different states, so we hope to celebrate together through pictures and text.

Our family wishes OTTO a happy, happy birthday!

On this day, 2 years ago, Marissa was giving birth to OTTO who she then placed in the loving arms of his adoptive parents, Courtney and Matt, who continue to bless his life with happiness and joy.

When Marissa delivered Otto she was craving Chinese noodles (chow mein), and her oldest brother, hurried out to get some for her.  Panda Express was closing, and he insisted on coming in and then explained the situation. They were kind enough to provide fresh chow mein for my daughter who just had her very first baby.  So we’re celebrating by eating Chinese Noodles

We all have such good memories of sharing time together with Courtney and Matt in the hospital while Rissa and Otto there for their brief stay. We feel so blessed to still be part of Otto and Courtney and Matt’s life, and we wish OTTO a very, very happy 2nd birthday today. We send much enduring love to their family.

We love to hear stories about the blessings of adoption, and are so happy to share our ongoing story with others.

Click here to see Otto’s birth story (including the Chinese Noodle part) written by Otto’s adoptive mother.

2016, JUNE 2- OTTO's bday. me and Rissa

Below- 2014 after delivering Otto, noodles in hand.Rissa and Chinese noodlles (Chow Mein)

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