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Embrace Your Heritage of Wholeness

We’re back!

I hope you will enjoy this website as you embrace your Heritage of Wholeness.
We are taking steps to live a purpose-filled life, in spite of obstacles.
When necessary, we do whatever is possible to
heal our hearts and homes.

Our relationships matter to us.

Each of us is unique.
Our choices today affect generations!
Regardless of our personal or family history,  whether joyful or traumatic,
each of us can ignite a sense of extraordinary purpose in THIS generation.
That’s why we are TODAY’s ChangeMakers.

Family Tree Gal quote- value our history, on wood 400 x 210

Today, I’m bringing over some links to content from
my Family Tree Gal blogspot blog
as we explore ways to become healthier and happier
as individuals and families.

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been using
our personal power to strengthen attributes found in my ebook,
JOURNALriffic-Turn Your Pain Into Purpose.
We will soon have FREE telecalls and recorded messages
to help you strengthen attributes that govern happiness and peace
in yourself and in your relationships.

Included below are some links to recent posts found there.

Ten Minute Treasures, INspirations: Example

TmT Think About It Thursday Reminder: Example

New Ten Minute Treasures, INspirations Topic: Service

TmT Think About It Thursday Reminder: Service

Writing your Life’s Journey is also a way to help those who follow us to be
inspired and encouraged as they walk their own path of life.
Here’s a link you may enjoy to get you started.

What’s your story? Life’s Journey Prompt #1

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See you there.

About Family Tree Gal, Carolyn Calton Carolyn Calton

Serving people who have hidden heartaches and unresolved personal struggles, Carolyn Calton is the founder of FamilyTreeQuest.com, HealingYourFamily.com and is also the CEO of the Liahona Light Academy. As a personal renewal and generational change educator and coach, Carolyn teaches individuals and families how to turn from heartache to happiness in themselves, their families and family lines by understanding how to live true to who they really are as TODAY’s ChangeMakers. Those who join her ReNEW YOU Classes and Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles learn how to turn stress, anxious-thinking, anger and dysfunction to hope, direction, happiness and peace. She is a teacher and facilitator of principles that can set the hearts of men and women free from the pain and chains of guilt, toxic shame and the effects of oppression. Her students are then empowered to walk forward with courage and confidence as they fill their highest priorities with stability and full purpose of heart.