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Can positive memories help treat mental health problems?

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A study highlighting the effectiveness of using positive memories and images to help generate positive emotions has been published by researchers….


Dr. Daniel Amen says it this way on Facebook:

A study highlighting the effectiveness of using positive memories and images to help generate positive emotions has been published by researchers. The work suggests that savouring positive memories can generate positive emotions. Increasing positive emotion can have a range of benefits including reducing attention to and experiences of threat.

I have learned that when coming out of traumatic experiences sometimes everything in the past seems to become tainted.  There is a desire not to look back anymore because it’s either too painful or too confusing.

There are some memories with people you’ve loved or trusted who have not breached that trust, or happy memories with loving others purely from your own heart, like children, that can nourish and strengthen TODAY’s ChangeMakers (you and me)  in very good ways.

INspired Action Step:  Be proactive in savoring at least one positive memory daily to GENERATE positive emotions. After all, we are focused on the generations.  To be a positive INfluence, we must ReGENERATE and ReNEW ourselves first.

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